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Guzman RM, Savolainen NG, Hayden OM, Lee M, Osbron CA, Liu Z, Yang H, Shaw DK, Omsland A, Goodman AG.
Drosophila melanogaster Sting mediates Coxiella burnetii infection by reducing accumulation of reactive oxygen species.
Infect. Immun.  2024 Mar 12; 92(3): e0056022.
PMID: 38363133
Chauhan M, Osbron CA, Koehler HS, Goodman AG.
STING dependent BAX-IRF3 signaling results in apoptosis during late-stage Coxiella burnetii infection.
Cell Death Dis.  2024 Mar 8; 15(3): 195.
PMID: 38459007
Coxon M, Dennis MA, Dananberg A, Collins CD, Wilson HE, Meekma J, Savenkova MI, Ng D, Osbron CA, Mertz TM, Goodman AG, Duttke SH, Maciejowski J, Roberts SA.
An impaired ubiquitin-proteasome system increases APOBEC3A abundance.
NAR Cancer.  2023 Dec 19; 5(4): zcad058.
PMID: 38155930
Trammell CE, Rowe EH, Char AB, Jones BJ, Fawcett S, Ahlers LRH, Goodman AG.
Insulin-mediated endothelin signaling is antiviral during West Nile virus infection.
J. Virol.  2023 Oct 31; 97(10): e0111223.
PMID: 37796127
Sidak-Loftis LC, Rosche KL, Pence N, Ujczo JK, Hurtado J, Fisk EA, Goodman AG, Noh SM, Peters JW, Shaw DK.
The unfolded-protein response triggers the arthropod immune deficiency pathway.
mBio.  2022 Aug 30; 13(4): e0070322.
PMID: 35862781
Trammell CE, Ramirez G, Sanchez-Vargas I, St Clair LA, Ratnayake OC, Luckhart S, Perera R, Goodman AG.
Coupled small molecules target RNA interference and JAK/STAT signaling to reduce Zika virus infection in Aedes aegypti.
PLoS Pathog.  2022 Apr 4; 18(4): e1010411.
PMID: 35377915
Sanchez Goodman Omsland_IAI_Dec2021.jpg
Sanchez SE, Goodman AG, Omsland A.
Metabolic plasticity aids amphotropism of Coxiella burnetii.
Infect. Immun.  2021 Nov 16; 89(12): e0013521.
PMID: 34491791
Trammell CE, Goodman AG.
Host factors that control mosquito-borne viral infections in humans and their vector.
Viruses.  2021 Apr 24; 13(5): 748.
PMID: 33923307
Guzman RM, Howard ZP, Liu Z, Oliveira RD, Massa AT, Omsland A, White SN, Goodman AG.
Natural genetic variation in Drosophila melanogaster reveals genes associated with Coxiella burnetii infection.
Genetics.  2021 Mar 31; 217(3): iyab005.
PMID: 33789347
Britch SC, Goodman AG, Wiley JL, Pondelick AM, Craft RM.
Antinociceptive and immune effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabidiol in male versus female rats with persisten inflammatory pain.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther.  2020 Jun; 373(3).
PMID: 32179573
Trammell CE, Goodman AG.
Emerging mechanisms of insulin-mediated antiviral immunity in Drosophila melanogaster.
Front. Immunol.  2019 Dec 20; 10(2973).
PMID: 31921210
Palu RAS, Ong E, Stevens K, Chung S, Owings KG, Goodman AG, Chow CY.
Natural genetic variation screen in Drosophila identifies Wnt signaling, mitochondrial metabolism, and redox homeostasis genes as modifiers of apoptosis.
G3 (Bethesda).  2019 Dec 3; 9(12): 3995-4005.
PMID: 31570502
Ahlers LRH, Trammell CE, Carrell GF, Mackinnon S, Torrevillas BK, Chow CY, Luckhart S, Goodman AG.
Insulin potentiates JAK/STAT signaling to broadly inhibit flavivirus replication in insect vectors.
Cell Rep.  2019 Nov 12; 29(7): 1946-1960.
PMID: 31722209
Arbovirus figure2.jpg
Goodman AG, Rasmussen AL.
Editorial: Host-pathogen interactions during arboviral infections.
Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol.  2019 Mar 26; 9(77).
PMID: 30972308
Matz KM, Guzman RM, Goodman AG. 
The role of nucleic acid sensing in controlling microbial and autoimmune disorders
Int. Rev. Cell Mol. Biol.  2019; 345: 35-136.
PMID: 30904196
Vanderheyden WM, Goodman AG, Taylor RH, Frank MG, Van Dongen HPA, Gerstner JR. 
Astrocyte expression of the Drosophila TNF-alpha homologue, Eiger, regulates sleep in flies
PLoS Genet.  2018 Oct 31; 14(10): e1007724.
PMID: 30379810
alan goodman
Martin M, Hiroyasu A, Guzman RM, Roberts SA, Goodman AG. 
Analysis of Drosophila STING reveals an evolutionarily conserved antimicrobial function
Cell Rep.  2018 June 19; 23(12): 3537-3550.
PMID: 29924997
Hiroyasu A, Dewitt DC, Goodman AG. 
Extraction of hemocytes from Drosophila melanogaster larvae for microbial infection and analysis
J. Vis. Exp.  2018 May 24; 135. Video Method
PMID: 29889203
alan goodman
Ahlers LRH, Goodman AG. 
The immune responses of the animal hosts of West Nile virus: a comparison of insects, birds, and mammals
Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol.  2018 Apr 3; 8(96).
PMID: 29666784
Infection and Immunity
Bastos RG, Howard ZP, Hiroyasu A, Goodman AG. 
Host and bacterial factors control susceptibility of Drosophila melanogaster to Coxiella burnetii infection
Infect. Immun.  2017 July; 85(7): e00218-17.
PMID: 28438980
alan goodman
Ahlers LRH, Bastos RG, Hiroyasu A, Goodman AG. 
Invertebrate iridescent virus 6, a DNA virus, stimulates a mammalian innate immune response through RIG-I-like receptors
PLoS One.  2016 Nov 8; 11(11): e0166088.
PMID: 27824940
alan goodman
Ahlers LRH, Goodman AG.
Nucleic acid sensing and innate immunity: signaling pathways controlling viral pathogenesis and autoimmunity
Curr. Clin. Microbiol. Rpt.  2016 Sep; 3(3): 132-41.
PMID: 27857881
Vijayan A, Gómez CE, Espinosa DA, Goodman AG, Sanchez-Sampedro L, Soranzo COS, Zavala F, Esteban M. 
Adjuvant-like effect of vaccinia virus 14K protein: a case study with malaria vaccine based on the circumsporozoite protein
J. Immunol.  2012 Jun 15; 188(12): 6407-17.
PMID: 22615208
alan goodman
Goodman AG, Heinen PP, Guerra S, Vijayan A, Sorzano COS, Gomez CE, Esteban M. 
A human multi-epitope recombinant vaccinia virus as a universal T-cell vaccine candidate against influenza virus
PLoS One.  2011 Oct 5; 6(10): e25938.
PMID: 21998725
alan goodman
Goodman AG, Tanner BCW, Chang ST, Esteban M, Katze MG.
Virus infection rapidly activates the P58IPK pathway, delaying peak kinase activation to enhance viral replication
Virology.  2011 Aug 15; 417(1): 27-36.
PMID: 21612809
alan goodman
Cillóniz C, Pantin-Jackwood M, Ni C, Goodman AG, Peng X, Proll SC, Carter VS, Rosenzweig ER, Szretter KJ, Katz JM, Korth MJ, Swayne DE, Tumpey TM, Katze MG.
Lethal dissemination of H5N1 influenza virus is associated with dysregulation of inflammation and lipoxin signaling in a mouse model of infection.
J. Virol.  2010 Aug; 84(15): 7613-24.
PMID: 20504916
alan goodman
Datta R, Shah GN, Rubbelke TS, Waheed A, Rauchman M, Goodman AG, Katze MG, Sly WS.  
Progressive renal injury from transgenic expression of human carbonic anhydrase IV folding mutants is enhanced by deficiency of p58IPK
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.  2010 Apr 6; 107(14): 6448-52.
PMID: 20308551
alan goodman
Goodman AG, Zeng H, Proll SC, Peng X, Cillóniz C, Carter VS, Korth MJ, Tumpey TM, Katze MG. 
The alpha/beta interferon receptor provides protection against influenza virus replication but is dispensable for inflammatory response signaling
J. Virol. 2010 Feb; 84(4): 2027-37.
PMID: 19939913
alan goodman
Billharz R, Zeng H, Proll SC, Korth MJ, Lederer S, Albrecht R, Goodman AG, Rosenzweig E, Tumpey TM, García-Sastre A, Katze MG. 
The NS1 protein of the 1918 pandemic influenza virus blocks host interferon and lipid metabolism pathways
J. Virol. 2009 Oct; 83(20): 10557-70.
PMID: 19706713
alan goodman
Goodman AG, Fornek JL, Medigeshi GR, Perrone LA, Peng X, Dyer MD, Proll SC, Knoblaugh SE, Carter VC, Korth MJ, Nelson JA, Tumpey TM, Katze MG. 
P58IPK: a novel “CIHD” member of the host innate defense response against pathogenic virus infection
PLoS Pathog.  2009 May; 5(5): e1000438.
PMID: 19461876
alan goodman
Rutkowski DT, Kang SW, Goodman AG, Garrison JL, Taunton J, Katze MG, Kaufman RJ, Hegde RS. 
The role of P58IPK in protecting the stressed endoplasmic reticulum
Mol. Biol. Cell.  2007 Sep; 18(9): 3681-3691.
PMID: 17567950
Goodman AG, Smith JA, Balachandran S, Perwitasari O, Proll SC, Thomas MJ, Korth MJ, Barber GN, Schiff LA, Katze MG. 
The cellular protein, P58IPK, regulates influenza virus mRNA translation and replication through a PKR mediated mechanism
J. Virol.  2007 Mar; 81(5): 2221-2230.
PMID: 17166899
alan goodman
Oyadomari S, Yun C, Fisher EA, Kreglinger N, Kreibich G, Oyadomari M, Harding HP, Goodman AG, Harant H, Garrison JL, Taunton J, Katze MG, Ron D. 
Cotranslocational degradation protects the stressed endoplasmic reticulum from protein overload
Cell.  2006 Aug 25; 126(4):727-39.
PMID: 16923392
alan goodman
Kash JC, Goodman AG, Korth MJ, Katze MG. 
Hijacking of the host-cell response and translational control during influenza virus infection
Virus Res.  2006  Jul; 119(1):111-20. Review.
PMID: 16630668
Ladiges WC, Knoblaugh SE, Morton JF, Korth MJ, Sopher BL, Baskin CR, MacAuley A, Goodman AG, LeBoeuf RC, Katze MG. 
Pancreatic beta-cell failure and diabetes in mice with a deletion mutation of the endoplasmic reticulum molecular  chaperone gene P58IPK
Diabetes.  2005 Apr;54(4):1074-81.
PMID: 15793246
alan goodman
Goodman A, Tseng Y, Wirtz D. 
Effect of length, topology, and concentration on the microviscosity and microheterogeneity of DNA solutions
J. Mol. Biol. 2002 Oct 18;323(2):199-215.
PMID: 12381315
alan goodman
Franco AA, Cheng RK, Goodman A, Sears CL. 
Modulation of bft expression by the Bacteroides fragilis pathogenicity island and its flanking region
Mol. Microbiol.  2002 Aug; 45(4): 1067-77.
PMID: 12180925
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